Friday, April 17, 2009

Useless Things

Waiting again. Am bored.

So am listing down random facts.

Killer whales are not whales. They are dolphins.

There is no lead in lead pencil, but graphite.

San Diego is Latin for Whale's Vagina.

John Logie Baird invented the Television. However, this claim has been disputed over the years by other inventors.

The cellphone was invented by a Motorola employee after watching a Star Trek episode (The Original Series).

Star Trek also inspired MRIs and a host of other things.

Part of the Industrial Revolution was the invention of the Spinning Jenny by Henry Hargreaves.

George Stephenson invented something. I believe it was the locomotive.

George Harrison studied sittar-playing.

The Rolling Stones got their name from a line in a Muddy Waters song.

James Watt invented the steam engine. I think.

HN Ridley pioneered the 'herring bone' technique of extracting rubber.

I have lost track of the biggest dinosaur. Brontosaurus? Ultrasaurus? Whatever.

Blue flame in fireworks is caused by cobalt.

I don't eat Dory fish because in the movie Finding Nemo, I found out that Dorys are fucking blue! I don't eat blue things. Reverse Billy Bob Thornton!

That last remark is because Billy Bob Thornton once would only eat things coloured orange.

A Clockwork Orange was supposed to be A Clockwork Orang. And the 'orang' taken from Bahasa Malaysia, meaning person, of course.

Some old keris were made using metal found in meteorites.

Tomatoes are a type of fruit - a cherry, in fact - because it has seeds in it. Using this logic, cucumbers, eggplants(brinjals) are also fruits.

Eating unleavened bread is a Hebrew tradition to commemorate leaving Egypt under Moses.

The leavening process in breadmaking refers to the step taken to allow the dough to rise due to the microbes in the yeast, and letting the air out.

Yeast are usually sensitive to salt, but steps have been taken to develop yeast from sea-water that is salt-resistant.

Caucasians have more saliva, causing a lot of the food in their native countries to be made a bit dry for Asian tastes.

African Americans have a higher tolerance for salt because their ancestors were the ones who survived long voyages at sea, in the ship's hold, sometimes partially submerged with sea water.

Which one is a lie?