Thursday, April 9, 2009

Intermission: Boron Strikes Again

I asked my friend Adijin to draw Jeerawan, the hot Thai girl in the UK, wearing 'spender beruang' (bear panties).

Apparently, he didn't get the job done. What a loser. What 'an artist'.

Am recovering from the severe headache. No longer feel like getting a cat scan or an MRI.

But am still feeling drowsy from the meds cocktail. I should try to remember this combo.

Oh well. Am not going to do anything until my head clears up.

Some of my projects are in limbo. They have all been approved, but I can't say for sure when the schedule is going to come out. This wreaks havoc on some of my other projects which have been locked down for May and June.

On a more upbeat note, one of my scripts was read by an acclaimed veteran actor as well as lecturer. I got word that he is quite impressed and originally thought that the English parts were written by an Englishman, while the ones in Bahasa Malaysia by another dude.

Apparently, I don't sound that stupid in Bahasa Malaysia.

What irks me is that some of the stuff I learned in school is not practised by users of the language. And when I use the supposedly 'correct' form, they say I'm wrong.

For example, 'dari' and 'daripada'. 'Dari', I was taught, is used when an actual location is involved. 'Daripada', when the location is abstract. Or something like that.

So you should say, or write, "Dari Bukit Selambau." and "Daripada kajian saya."

Some people think they should use 'dari' because it saves space. WRONGO!

Of course, seeing as how Bahasa Malaysia changes its rules, and sometimes, its name, every few months or so, I can understand the confusion.

I mean, at some point, 'keretapi' was WRONG! It was supposed to be 'kereta api', which doesn't make much sense. And then they changed it back to what it was.

It's 'jawaPan', not 'jawaBan'. Well, actually, 'jawaBan' is also correct, but it is an old version of the word. 'JawaPan' is modern spelling. As how 'cikgu' is the modern spelling of 'che gu' or even, as my late grandfather used to write, 'che guru'. Muahahahaha.

One guy came up to me and said that "Perak has 23 different Bahasa Melayus".

I was like, "Wha?"

And then explained to him that that is utter bullshit. They might have dialects, but I wonder what research would come up with that number.

And then the guy started grinning and mentioned the Kelantan incident where they torched a car or something after the football team lost to Negeri Sembilan.

"Watch football also dunno. Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh," he said.

Me: Yeah. They may not know how to watch football, but they sure do know how to kill people. You don't mess with the 'kapak kecik' people. Your life might just be worth a pack of cigarettes.

Okay. It's time for me to dive into a drug-induced dream sequence. Am going to chug more cough syrup. Wheeee.