Friday, April 17, 2009


You know what? It's not fair.

A lot of people have painted bloggers with the same brush.

I believe they are as varied as the colours of the rainbow. In a non-homosexual manner. Though there are gay bloggers.

Some are actually experts in their field.

For example, ME: I am an expert in many things. Like Hentai.

I view these people like the costumed adventurers in Watchmen.

Donning Spandex and leather and tights to fight crime.

Are they necessary? Maybe. Maybe not.

But the biggest and most necessary failing for onlne writers is to not realise the inspiration they are.

I received a lot of fan-mail recently - especially from young kids.

They all want to go to Thailand and befriend hookers.

I am such an inspiration.

One good thing from this is all the communication and networking it has established.

I prefer to do it this way than meet people face to face anyway.

I'm a writer, not a people-pleaser. Not anymore.

The Luddites who swipe these people aside as a passing fad better brace themselves.

Because the Internet will survive past them all.