Monday, April 13, 2009

CM 2007

I have been playing CM 2007 in-between my writing.

Playing Arsenal cause I wanted a head start at the young players.

Used to play Wolves from First Division before, taking them to European glory and in my youth, even Colchester.

I sold Thierry Henry, who under my charge was scoring 52 goals a season.

Reason? I had bought Craig Lindfield from Liverpool.

Last season, he scored 108 goals, 75 of them in the Premiere League.

Cesc Fabregas scored 81 assists overall and 35 goals on his own.

In total, my club scored 222 goals last season in the League.

Four of my players are the top four scorers in the league.

Lindfield, Fabregas, Robin Van Persie at fourth and coming in at third, is defender Daniel Agger.

I sold Henry, Tomas Rosicky, Alexander Hleb, Philipe Senderos and even Jose Reyes.

I bought Ben Sahar, Daniel Sturridge, Javier Mascherano, Sergio Tejera, Lee Martin, Frederik Holster, Micah Richards, Slobodan Rajkovic and Miki Roque.

To placate my players who were upset at the sale of Reyes, I splashed 63 million on Lionel Messi. Though truth be told, I prefer using Fran Merida - Arsenal's star youth player - rather than Messi.

Around half of my almost-300 goals per season came from set-pieces.

I put the players with the best Heading Accuracy and Heading Power with great Positioning stats at the near and far posts, with one or two attacking the ball from the edge of the area.

This is why Daniel Agger, a defender, can score 47 goals in the League a season.

Throw-ins should be long and always, always make sure everyone knows what to do during any and all set-pieces.

A quarter of the goals came from throw-ins alone, and my fullbacks are behind my wingers and Fabregas - who take all freekicks and corners - in assists.

To ensure superb morale, I make sure not more than three players are deemed key players or indispensable to the club. Fabregas, Cassilas and Mascherano.

Even Lindfield is just a 'hot prospect for the future.' He makes only 10K pounds a week. With 10K for every goal or assist. Always make this a staple bonus for all players, except half-backs or central defenders.

I have defeated Chelsea 14-1 and 10-0, Liverpool and Man U 8-0. And using the same tactics, my England have won Euros and World Cups.

Lindfield can score 4 goals in 15 minutes. He even scored 6 against Germany in the first half.

The next batch of youth players I have with me are van den Berg, Merida, Sahar, Armand Traore, Nacer Baracite, Denilson, Tejera and many more.

I have won any and all competitions at club and national level. My aim is to only beat my own records - 19-0 in a game, 108 goals for a player a season, 81 assists a player per season, and having 4 players in the top 4 of the charts.

I also need to win all monthly and yearly awards.

Man. There is no team that can beat me.

For my friendlies, I might as well fight my own reserve team. They actually pose more of a challenge.

But oh! You should see the England under-21! Fantastic young players. Ciaran Clark, Cohen, Danny Rose - I've promoted them all to the first team.

I still have close to 200 million in the transfer kitty and I don't know what to do with it.