Friday, April 10, 2009

Opposition Reform: Die First, Then Change

I am openly selling the idea that the only way to save everything and everyone is to reform the Opposition. And we do this by not voting for them.

Firstly, we all know BN can only change incrementally. One thing at a time, step by step, in an orderly manner.

The opposition, well, they can change overnight. Look at Anwar. First, it was Sept 16th. Then, dunno what. Then change some more and more and more.

Before they won in several places on March 8 2008, they were all against corruption and bullshit from the BN government, because they are the perfect ones. Now, when in limited power, they bought Toyota Camrys and did other questionable stuff - like leave their post amidst quarry queries, sleep with glasses on, and had a picnic under a tree.

Not to mention saying yes to leapfrogging, and then no. And then yes. And then no. If this was a rape case the case probably would have been thrown out of court.

So yes, we all need change and the only ones who can change are the Opposition. Cause they're so fond of changing their tune. I guess that have 10GB worth of MP3s in their heads. This is a compliment!

We really need a better Opposition. One that does not simply ape the worst things BN has done, but rise above it and present a better alternative.

Do you see anything different with their administration? With their politics?

It is still personality-based. It is still race-based and racist. It is still bullshit-powered. Same shit, different faces only.

What a scam. What a fucking con-job.

So, sadly - I am saying this with tears in my eyes boo hoo hoo - we need to kill the Opposition in order for them to resurrect as a better alternative. If we keep on voting them in, they would get the message that they can just offer us this bullshit and we will take it.

They will never learn. BN has been taught a lesson, and it is slowly learning to change. The opposition will be too arrogant to even want to CONSIDER changing some of their high-handed, hypocritical ways. If we accept this, then they will never change. They will never give us anything better than the usual, plain old vanilla bullshit.

So! Kill the Opposition. Then rebuild them. Die first, then change.