Friday, April 17, 2009


I just got back from a bit of research. My head is swimming with ideas that threaten to burn my head. Singe my soul and shit like that. Shit. I can't write anything now. I am totally useless.

I've often asked myself, what is THE most important thing in life?


Financial freedom so that I don't have to slave over anything or beg anyone or please anyone if I want to eat.

Freedom to fuck.

Freedom to suck. Both literally and figuratively.

Freedommm, freeedom.

You got my pride. Hangin' out of my bed. You mess with my life-ah. So upon whatthefuck?


Get off my back. If you want. To. Get-out-of-here-alive. Freeedom! Freeedom!


You don't have to, say that you love me, if you don't mean it. You better believe. If you need me, or you just want to bleed me, better stick your dagger in someone else, let me be, set me freee.

Jimi Hendrix, yo!

Alan Moore wrote something...smaller and more precious. About a lesbian and her desire to be free, within an inch of her integrity.

This is Alan Moore:

He looks more likely to split the Red Sea and lead the Jews from Egypt (Judeo-Christian religious figures for 200, Trebek) rather than be a lesbian. But, sure, why not?

Hideaki Anno, in his masterpiece - the ORIGINAL Neon Genesis Evangelion SERIES - stipulates that in order for one to know what freedom is, one needs boundaries.

Complete freedom is dangerous and...uncomforting.

Imagine if you are floating in a white space, completely free of anything. Sure would be cool, but it would be boring after 5 minutes or so.

So you draw a line on the ground, and suddenly, you have something to walk on. It's better, but you don't know why or how.

Your world just turned two-dimensional. There are limitations now, but you are strangely comforted by it.

Wait till it gets three-dimensional.

I believe that this proves that there is a counter-freedom element. And that only when the two exists together in the right balance and mix does it work.

Complete freedom, complete anarchy, cannot be achieved. Complete control is also impossible. Can you control 100% of your breathing?

Try it.

Hold your breath.

Hold it.

Hold it.

Hold it for 20 minutes. I can wait. Not doing any work tonight.

Not dead yet?

Awhhh! The humanity!

I believe that complete freedom can be achieved through dying. Only when we die are we absolutely free.

I wouldn't have to worry about anything or anyone.

So is it a false goal? Freedom? How can the truth set us free, when all it has ever done for me is get me into trouble?

We should all die.

Die, and be re-created by Zardos!