Saturday, April 11, 2009


You know, in these troubled economic times, the most irritating people are the liars.

Yep. The con-men.

I wasted a lot of time with con-men. But was smart enough not to spend any money on them.

The lies they come up with are comparable to African money scams - too stupid to believe.

I listened in awe as some people told me about billion-dollar projects. Overseas employment. Political shenanigans.

Hey, what can I do? I'm interested with stories - and these are the most fantastic ones out there.

An international agency wants to do TV projects in Malaysia. And wants ME to consult for them. When they already have a major local agency backing them.

I was like, "errr...I know I'm cool and handsome and all, but wouldn't relying on the local agency be more logical, logistically, and politically?"

This is one of the mild ones. You wouldn't believe the kind of bullshit I hear on a daily basis.

The constant promises. The ever-changing stories.

And funnily enough, the people who actually do follow up on their promises and pay me during these hard times are people I was warned against.

All of the organisations and companies I am working with have proven themselves to be quite honest in their dealings.

I find that they have some degree of professionalism and only needs gentle reminders now and then when payment is due.

And it can be quite surprising who and which entity could be lying through their teeth.

I have been quite fortunate. I do have an instinct for bullshit.

It's a jungle out here, man.

Tread lightly. And always carry a machete. You never know who you need to kill.