Friday, April 10, 2009

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

Some people accused me of being bought by the BN folks.

Wow. I didn't know this. How much, ah?

Thing is, man, we are doing to the Opposition what we have done to BN - let them loose and rampant with no one to check them.

Everyone's so in awe of their bullshit, their dongs and their koks, to actually question them and hold their shit up to measure.

Who's gonna do it, man? Who will watch the watchmen?

Giving them unconditional support is somewhat giving the message "You can do anthing you like, brosephs! We'll vote for you no matter what!"

I have a problem with the 'no matter what' part.

ANyone in a position of power should be scrutinized. Not just for their sake, but for ours as well. To simply allow them to do as they wish, with no check and balance, without a critical eye, is dangerous.

I mean, if the only ones affected by their bullshit is themselves, then go ahead and sleep with your glasses on. But if it affects other people, man, fuck that.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And we are giving them absolute power by agreeing to everything they do.

Just because we don't like some of the things BN has done in the past 50 years, we are going to run into the embrace of some people with similar dark motives?

From the frying pan, into the fire?

No way, man.

End of the day, they're still politicians. And politicians, man. I fucking hate what they stand for. I have faith in very few politicians. And I don't see any Mahatma Gandhi among their ranks.