Monday, April 13, 2009

Violet Carson

"It is the eighth of the third, 2050. This is the Voice of Fate."

"This is a recording of Cyber-Anwar in his latest campaign."


"Yes, he tried to campaign in Perak again. Even though the state has been underwater due to global warming for over 30 years."

"Meanwhile, Perakians chased away Genting Highlands fishermen who went into their area, stating that they own the seafloor for another 900 years."

"Production of cotton has dropped, prompting the Government to extend Naked Tuesday to Naked Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Food production has also dropped, as several species of fish became extinct, and Genting fishermen getting killed by Perakians."

"As a response, voluntary suicides are called upon tomorrow at 3pm. Those who wish to kill themselves and their family, are encouraged to bring their own machete. A plan to reenact the race riots of 2014 is under way. The premier has expressed hopes that nearly the same number of people die, so that others may have a better chance to live."

"This has been the Voice of Fate."