Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pass Me the Horse The Over

I wonder. If I were to start speaking English with an English accent, will that get me more money?

If I were to pepper my speech with quotes from Dr Faust, will I be given more vaginas to fuck?

If I were to refer to the Great Books, and steal their lines, would that make me more intelligent? Rather than, say, quoting comics?

Gessae clue, A thenk A might hav an enkleng.

Ty-ee-ger, Ty-ee-ger, sheeynin' bright
En the foorest o' the night
Wot immort'l han or aye
c'n freme thy feerf'l semettry

Heven a lark aboot, s'all. Eef A bother, wud A git a few unnred quid? Or mair?

A doon't bloody thenk so.

See yez in anudder life, brother.