Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Am Sylar

I just woke up, sat down to have breakfast (at noon) and was immediately struck by the realisation that everyone wants to be sneaky these days.

They mask their agendas and motives with something else. Like PIS-M who in the rural areas preach a very different thing than they do in urban areas. Same goes with BN, DAP, PKR and all other parties.

Recently, some people even started asking me for dirt on one of my former friends. There are reasons why some people's friendships are destroyed, but I have always believed that was personal. Nothing to do with the professional world.

So I declined to divulge any secrets.

Me? I have decided years ago, that if everyone wants to be sneaky, I'll be sneaky in a truthful manner. I would only use the truth, since everyone expects everyone else to lie like they do, and would not recognise the truth for what it is.

However, that got me in a quandry, as lies meet truths, and my brain almost short-circuited from all the double-meanings and layerings and infinite images when you put a mirror in front of a mirror and that kind of bullshit.

I need a constant and very few exist nowadays. One of them, is Thailand.