Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Phew! I am done with the intial stuff. Tomorrow, I'll do a sweep of the entire script. A lot of the changes I made are small. I think people will hardly notice it. But to alter something in say, scene 8, and then to find ALL instances in which the script needs to be changed was choking my brains.

You change it, and then you make all necessary changes, and then you think of something better, so you redo the process. In the middle of that, you think of something else to do and you stop and re-do the process all over again.

A total of 24 points to be altered. Plus a few of mine.

And this is ONE script. I got a few more.

Good thing is, it's all within my estimated time. I will be sending this version tomorrow. Well, today actually.

And then, start work on another one. From scratch. Which is fater than altering anything on existing stuff.

I passed one of the scripts to my collaborators and she should finish it within the week.

There is a TV series I am writing and the meeting is on Thursday. I need to finish all the scripts for this company by then.

Then, there are two personal projects. Which will be tackled during the weekend.

Meanwhile, big wheels keep on turning. Something's bound to happen in the next few weeks, or perhaps days. Good? Bad? I dunno.

I need to: keep my mouth shut, eyes on screen, fingers on keyboard and my mind on my work.

No use worrying about shit I can't control.

And I keep getting fan mail. I'm such a fucking celebrity.