Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: Moving Pictures

If I have a creative mission in life.

If I have something that I would do and then just fucking kill myself because I can't give a fuck about this fuck-upped fake society motherfucker.

You don't know what the fuck he went through.

A Chinese kid living in a Malay world. Bla bla bla. You know.

A teacher and the pillar of his society.

Bla bla bla. You know?

What was important back then is not a concern anymore.

Coming from a time when people wore tree bark during WWII, having a belly full of rice and travelling in a car is fucking fantastic already.

It's a movie to do before I die.

There are grants available, but I don't want to do my father's story so it could be owned by other people.

I figured that there are other people with their father's own stories.

Tonight, I heard a fantastic story about someone's grandfather and his people.

It's worth a movie.

Something to teach you about what it means to be Malaysian.

Oh well. We will see.