Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tales from the Drunk Side: When Evil Had Its Day


I woke up today and immediately sat in front of my computer. Was preparing for a weekly Wednesday meeting when a request came for a certain contact detail.

So I passed it along and continued with my shit, until I felt the need to take a shit. As the Indonesian maid whom I pay by the hour, and comes every week, cleans my apartment.

I saw an interesting post on a certain blog, so responded.

More computering and Blackberrying later, and I was on my way to my next meeting.

Called a friend and she flagged a distress signal. Something needed doing. It's the pimp signal, let's go!

But I went for my meeting first. It was a good one.

After that was concluded, I went to help her. Got some numbers through obscure and roundabout means. Thanks to all who participated!

And then got a call from Cheepork.

Again: It's the pimp signal, let's go!

Then went home, late at night, with a request from one of my associates to do a late-night emergency translating bit.

Reached home, did the translation, then saw that my comment earlier today was met with derision and some degree of contempt from some "morally-superior" (notice the quotation marks. Quotation marks to indicate sarcasm) people.


So I responded, tapping into my righteous ego.

What joy!


And now, I need to get some shut-eye. There are some work left, but I will do it tomorrow, for tomorrow is another day. Fiddle-dee-dee!