Monday, December 1, 2008

Paradise Lost

So tonight, splitting headache and all, I went with a few friends to celebrate the joint birthdays of two dear colleagues.

Cheepork's birthday was also today - yesterday, actually - but he was not there. Preferring some 'other' kind of entertainment.

We went to RedBox Karaoke, Pavillion, where I lost my dear Blackberry.

Thank God I'm rich. I will have to get a new one soon. Thankfully, I backed up data last week, so I will retain 2000 phone numbers I have and over 1000 SMSes, e-mails, documents and other stuff.

That's the most valuable thing.

I called Maxis and got them to bar the number and the unlimited data usage package I was using. So the motherfucker would have to pay for his own Googling. And won't be able to access my email accounts.

On the flip side, my brother bought me some RAMs. My computer now has 4GB worth of RAM. It is the fastest computer I have ever owned so far. I also bought a portable hard drive. A Maxtor. 320GB. While my internal hard drive is only 120GB.

I also recently (today) cleared one of my credit cards, so it's time to use it again.

I have another painkiller stashed somewhere. And one more in a metal box. Enough to make one final cocktail.

I am going to go to sleep now, I'm afraid. As I feel the effects of the drugs coming over me.

Watch out for Paradise Regained tomorrow. Or maybe the day after.

And if I do not return your calls tomorrow, you'll know that it's because I lost my Blackberry. And because of the splitting headache.