Sunday, December 14, 2008

More Time-Wasting

Feral! That was the word!

I was looking for a word to describe Bukit Bintang and I almost had it.

I am waiting for a friend. Enjoying my coffee, with my feet up on the chair in front of me.

Not ten feet away, a rather tall guy is talking to a very small girl. Not a young girl. A small woman.

I suspect that her time is being paid for, and that the guy is either a pimp or someone lonely enough to pay for conversation. And possibly something more later on. Who knows? They might come from the same island in the Philippines, or they could be married, or blood-related.

Though how he stares at her breasts and exposed legs tell me that it is otherwise.

There are lots of white people here today. Looking touristy, but of the weary kind. As if they've been here for a few months and have gone to all the good places.

One guy to my 8 o'clock seems particularly lost. Cringing with that bored, pained look as he ogles an African woman in dreadlocks who just stepped out of a taxi.

There are Malay men, smoking on the streets. Walking, their shades on, even though it is cloudy as hell. Just stopped raining.

They are ogling at the small woman. And three chicks straight in front of me, whom I am trying not to stare at.

Hold up. I just got an SMS. Maybe my friend is here already.