Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hey, yo!

My company is going into the production business, full steam. As in, TV serials, films, commercials, web drama and whatever else.

We have connections to studios, cameras, lighting and audio equipment. We have producers, directors, production managers, production assistants, writers, researchers, creative consultants, actors, actresses, singers, hosts, etc.

I also have with me right now a script bank. Of sorts. We have ideas in several stages of gestation. Just add money.

So if you have a few hundred thou to burn, you know who to call.

E-mail me at We take 40% deposit, at least.

Oh, and uhh...if any of you have channels or networks that need running, our guys are the best content and creative guys on the planet. We kick everyone's asses.

Everyone else is stupid. We are the best.