Sunday, December 14, 2008

Robots, Empires and Coffee

I've always wondered why big oil companies don't invest heavily on alternative fuels.

I mean, yeah, it would ruin their current business a bit, but in the long run - which is about a hundred or two hundred years - their companies will remain the main energy producers for generations to come.

I suspect that it's because current top executives have a shelf-life of only a few years.

Some might run the companies for 10-15 years, tops.

Perhaps the longest-serving guy would be the security guard. Security guards don't make executive decisions.

So, performing for only a very short while, these people might only be concerned with themselves, and their KPIs. Screw the company and its future. Screw the world.

I am not blaming them. They are just scared humans, acting in a very human way.

That is why I am suggesting that we switch to using robots instead.

Robots will HAVE to think of the future, and not get blinded by mere short-term considerations.

Cause they are immortal due to their positronic brains. Because of their 'uran spark'. Because of their 'majin power'. Their S2 engines, their Minovsky Drives, their protoculture cells.

Robots will find a better way for the earth to survive, on alternative fuels.

And robots would not have put fucking whipped cream on my fucking toffee nut latte, like that chick just did.

And if a robot did, and I complained, the robot would have initiated its self-destruct system rather than stand there like the stupid bitch, scratching the back of her head and wishing I would take the problem away.

Fucking whipped cream. Fucking stupid bitches.

Let the robots rule the earth!