Sunday, December 7, 2008


Finishing off my cigarettes. Waiting for my ride.

I have, yet to be watched, Secret Diary of a Call Girl. Starring Billie Piper. It's about a prostitute in London. Everyone should watch it, cause everyone's a whore.

I watch Heroes. House. Boston Legal. True Blood recently concluded. I watched it for the sex in every episode. And the fact that it's set somewhere in Louisiana. I'm a swamp rat myself. Who like to stay indoors.

True Blood is more like a young adult/teen series. It's like watching an RL Stine/Christopher Pike bullshit.

Used to watch Fear Itself as well.

Some of Heroes' characters are annoying. Like Nathan and Peter Petrelli. Hiro Nakamura as well. Sylar is cool. If I had superpowers, that's exactly what I would do. Fuck superheroes and take their powers. And kill them.

Noah Bennet, aka Horn-Rimmed Glasses is interesting as the most powerful human representative in the entire series. He kicks ass even without super-powers.

Mohinder Suresh is also annoying. Emo motherfucker.

Peter has so much power, but he doesn't do anything useful. I would have destroyed the earth, if I had his powers. Just out of spite.

Just fly, turn invisible, and then explode a few times. At nuclear missile silos. Or use the telekinesis to construct an invincible barrier while I fly through the earth's core. A few holes, and BAM! two billion dead.

Hiro? Pfft. I'd have travelled throughout time and fucked as many people as I can. Change history so I'd be ultima-rich and worshipped as a God.

And when I get bored, travel back to primordial days and shit on the first few creatures to walk on land.

So that after millions of years of evolution, all creatures would still be full of shit. Just like they are now.

If I was Matt parkman, I'd control everyone's brains and fuck models. And make all beautiful girls addicted to my sperm.

And I'll force all politicians to tell the truth.

Man. Why didn't God give me superpowers? Other than super-intelligence? And super-sexiness?