Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mother! Father! Family!

For the first time ever, I initiated a family soiree with members of my extended family - the Klang Valley branch.

I have always been rather apprehensive of the family concept, but am keeping an open mind.

Though it was said that an open mind is the surest way of having things float away.

I will never start a family of my own. It is not on my to-do list. In fact, it is on my not-to-do list.

I will weather the homosexual allegations, and turn a deaf ear to the holier-than-thous who exclaim and ejaculate every time they mention the virtues of breeding.

Sometimes, I would make sure that my shouts drown theirs. That, furnished by Phuket, I am wayyy holier.

I gave up on that this year. Because I realise that the more idiots in the world, the better I look.

I am not gay, but I am vain.

And though I do not like the family institution, I have learned to appreciate MY family.

Where were you when the strength of man failed? They were with me. Warts and all.

So, am waiting for my ride. And by the next hour, I will be dining with my family.