Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wasting Time

For some reason, Bukit Bintang has always - to me - represented sex. Cheap and dirty. As well as a center for homo and transsexual activity.

And drugs.

It's somewhat like an annex of Bangkok. But it is not Bangkok.

Just the feeling that underneath its touristy shit, there is an almost animalistic pulse - a ferocity - that is made up of vaginas, vulvas, dicks, balls and the smell of sweat and smoke.

I see Bukit Bintang like a dog, or a wolf, its fur bristling and teeth bared. There is danger beneath its skin. There lurks something almost Lovecraftian in its bowels, somewhere.

I wonder how it started. How DID Bukit Bintang come to be?

Who named it as such? Was it always like this? What changed?

And I wonder why there have been no travelogues or documentaries that would shed light on this part of KL?