Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fuck You

It's been a slow week.

Zaid Ibrahim got sacked from UMNO. BIG FUCKING DEAL. Who cares?

Dr M mentioned the worry if Pak Lah wants to remain as Prime Minister even if he is no longer UMNO president after March 2009.

Meanwhile his son Mukhriz suggested that vernacular schools should be integrated into the normal schools, to create a real Bangsa Malaysia.

I concede that vernacular schools could be used to create more schism, and more racism. Why can't we just teach Tamil and Mandarin in normal schools, and make it compulsory for everyone to learn three languages? BM, English and either Mandarin or Tamil.

Wrote about it. Long ago. The advantages, and how it will be a win for everybody. The Tamil and Mandarin newspapers as well as language teachers would keep their business, and more equal opportunity for all. No longer will I read in the newspapers for job opportunities which stipulates 'Mandarin a must' as a form of CEP.

And it will make Malaysians more ready for forays into the giant Indian and Chinese markets.

As it is, one of the saddest thing I've ever seen is a Malaysian who cannot master BM, English, Mandarin OR Tamil. Not to mention the other dialects. How do they get on with their lives?


I still see the folly of putting everything on education. Education seems to be the 'magic bullet' for everyone.

It's not.

Whenever I talk to liberals, about how bad it is, they always fall back on education. They always blame education.

Bitch: Why can't Malaysians make films that I like?

Me: Well, cause the money is in the films that MALAYSIANS like. What the rest of the country likes. Not what you or myself would prefer. And instead of forcing people to like what you like, maybe you could learn to understand what they like first?

Bitch: Well, maybe they need more EDUCATION?

Judgmental bullshit motherfucker.

Bitch: Why do people vote for BN?

Me: Because they believe in BN.

Bitch: Maybe they need more EDUCATION?

Fuck you, bitch. If they wanted something else, they would have voted for something else. The March 8 results show that elections were never rigged in this country.

It would not be practical to rig ALL of them. And in some places, you can only, possibly, tamper with less than 10% of the votes.

Representation at the AGMs, maybe. Cause smaller number of people. GEBERAL ELECTION? NO.

Stop blaming education. I knew that the education system is fucked up. And my parents are not millionaires who could send me to the UK, US or Australia to study. So I educated myself. With comic books and old magazines. I am so fucking cool.

These fuckers come back from overseas, holding foreign degrees, and then they claim to know better? To be the voice of the people? Spare me your bullshit. Oxbridge my ass.

I went to some of the best educational institutions this country had to offer. I went to a boarding school, where they only teach the top 400 kids in the country. I went to Universiti Malaya - the premier university of the country. Though, admittedly, I went there because they did not require me to wear a fucking tie.

My entire family are educators. Teachers and the MoE people. My grand-uncle came up with a report that changed the education system of the country. And sent thousands of Malaysians to study overseas. The very same people who come back and complain about why people don't share their Westernised ideals.

And they always blame it on education.

Bohsia problem? Bohjan problem? Education is the culprit! Wooo!

Mat Rempits? The schools didn't do enough! Woo!

People voting for BN? The schools fucking brain-washed them, foo! Wooo!

What about improving the economy? If everyone had enough money to go to Thailand, we wouldn't have a Mat Rempit problem. Thai people are fantastic lovers, so no more need for bohsias and bohjans.

I mean, sure, the economy is not the single factor determining everything, but it sure as hell beats blaming education all the time.

Liberals. Pfft.

You know what? All you 'liberals'? You're all stupid. I hate you.

I met people who said they wanted to defend 'freedom of speech', and in the same breath, same sentence, are trying to punish some people for some stuff they said.

Some PKR fuckers can't stand it when people shifted their attention from making fun of the Government to making fun of Anwar's ass.

Before that, they were all 'freedom of speech!' and 'our rights are oppressed' and shit. Fuck you.

There's always a flip-side, bitch. Two sides of a coin.

If I can write "KJ is an asshole." KJ should also be allowed to write "Amir's asshole is fragrant. Especially with the diarrhea. Cause he washes it five to 10 times a day."

And protectors of 'freedom of speech' should protect both parties' rights in saying those statements. Whether they agree to it or not.

In the words of Neil Gaiman:

Because if you don't stand up for the stuff you don't like, when they come for the stuff you do like, you've already lost.

Me? I'm not liberal. I'm Republican.

I protect MY right of free speech, while protecting the right for all you fuckers to shut the fuck up. It's called the American constitution's Fifth Amendment. The right not to incriminate yourself as an asshole fucktard.

Why? Cause I'm right. You're wrong. Now shut the fuck up. And suck my dick.

Fuck you. What works in other countries might not work here.

Some people are still trying to institutionalize blogging. Some, for good. Some, for evil. Maybe? I dunno.

Everytime. EVERY. FUCKING. TIME. A group of people start doing the same shit, some politicians try to ride into town and shoot 'em up and start rasslin' the cattle for control.

They want to wield people like a sword. Use them. Ask them to clean mosques. And then take a dip in the kolah air sembahyang.

Fuck that, man.

A fund or a loose coalition to protect basic rights would have been okay. To institutionalize it? Na-ah.

And then, there were some fucktards who do not want to see any organisation. Cause they're afraid of it. Or perhaps jealous of the power and popularity of other people.

"How much you paying to be in All Blogs?"

"I dunno. It hasn't been set yet. All they have is a pro-tem committee and an unfinished constitution or something. 10 bucks, maybe?"

"Whoah! Phwoarr! You could do so much with 10 bucks! I wouldn't want to spend it on All Blogs!"

"Really? 10 bucks? Like what?"

"I dunno, like, maybe give it to your parents or something."

Maybe I look like the kind of person whose parents fight for a 10-ringgit-bill. I dunno. I wear RM20 shirts. From FOS. But they're LL Bean. Outdoor wear, yo! Wrinkle-resistant or wrinkle free.

But I am not that calculating NOT to contribute to something that could help a lot of people.

CBLDF. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. A fund to help comic book writers, artistes, publishers, distributors, and in a recent case, a comic book reader, fend off real bastards.

This country is full of populists and con-men. The populists who judge whores and go go girls, but could not make a simple decision without sucking up to their stupid friends. If that is not the lowest level of prostitution, I don't know what is.

Con-men who want your ideas, but always try to profit - alone - from your work. Con-men whose sole pathetic purpose in life is to get others to look up to them.

Oh well. Good night, good luck, fuck you.

Fuck off and die.

I got bigger fish to fry. Like paying attention to myself, and taking care of numero uno - ME - for a change. Rather than listen to all your bullshit. And trying to make you happy.

Do some better shit next week, assholes. I am bored. Amuse me.