Friday, December 12, 2008

Who the Fuck Cares?

Someone asked me to comment on vernacular schools.

I was like, "Who the fuck cares?"

Dong Jiao Zhong is trying to create a ruckus and as long as we pay attention to them, the bigger this stupid mess gets.

Before this, it was the Yoga issue. And before that, Teresa Kok.

Is this what this country's primary source of entertainment (read: politics) have come to - Dongs? Koks? Jeff Ooi's Little Bird?

In that case, let me suggest one of my own - Schlong.

Let's all fight about Schlong. Those who are pro-Schlong on one side, those anti-Schlong on the other. Start the straw-men arguments, and go ad hominem all the way.

And then fight! Fight like you mean it!

As if your lives would be better if Schlong wins. Or loses.

Who the fuck cares?