Thursday, December 11, 2008

Richard the White

Call me Azazel.

I have this idea for an eight-issue comic book. It's basically Moby Dick in reverse.

It's also about a cast of all-star pirates. The greatest pirates during the Golden Age of piracy.

Edward Teach - Black Beard, Bartholomew Roberts - Black Bart (the most successful pirate EVER), Stede Bonnet - the Gentleman Pirate.

Calico Jack and the two most famous female pirates ever - Mary something and Ann something.

For some reason, these legendary pirate figures all were captured or killed within two to three years of each other.

They are led by a mysterious figure - Richard the White, who is chased across the seas by a ghostly Black Ship.

It would be a great comic book. In fact, I can do it in four or six issues.

Man, I am so cool.