Sunday, December 28, 2008

Delirium Notatum

Perhaps the biggest crime that mankind has perpetrated would be to leave the most important decisions in the world up to talking snakes and dead men.

I mean, seriously. Talking snakes? Do you really believe in that?

How about reading entrails? Or divination from bones?

People make fun of Scientology, but is it any different than what any of you believe in?

I still find the best wisdom from the lips of a Thai hooker, which shares some resonance with Goethe. Or was it Nietszche(I hope I got the z in the right place).

"We are here," said the prostitute, "To make the most of our lives. To live and act, and make decisions, to the best of our abilities. The rest, is up to God."

Of course, she didn't say it as such. It came in broken English, and smatterings of Thai - what little I could understand. But it made more sense than any TV evangelist, speaking in tongues. And asking for money.

And the German philosopher said (I THINK he was German),

God's in His heaven. All's right with the world.