Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Last Supper

My last night in Kuantan.

Tomorrow, I'll be back in KL, but still on leave.

Hope the roads won't be flooded.

And wish that the water would come on again.

I have stayed here for three days without running water and one day without electricity.

My parents are okay. They went through the war and shit. So 'roughing it' is no big deal.

Even if we were to be cut off for a week, they have enough stored up to last them a while.

In fact, I think if a nuclear war was to ever break out, my parents would be the most prepared to weather the fallout.

Their lifestyle seems to have been geared up in preparation for a war.

My mother keeps a lot of food and clothing. She even has these towels she bought in Singapore during a time when Malaysians bought stuff in the island nation because they were cheaper.

My father planted a lot of trees and if the Japanese ever start riding bicycles in Kota Bharu and scaring the white people away, he could go to the land and in a few hours have a week's worth of fruits collected.

He's been planting them for the past 30 years.

He even has a well down there, somewhere, but it's swamp water.

So, I'm not worried.

But Jabatan Bekalan Air Negeri Pahang is still festered with assholes.

Who are probably still on leave. Motherfuckers.

Oh well. At least I'm still good-looking.