Monday, December 29, 2008

Violence Jack

Suddenly, I am filled with rage. And cough syrup.

Fuck you.

Fuck all of you.

I am going to kill your children.

I am going to hold you hostage and cut off your tongue and your fingers.

I am going to burn you. Scald you. I am going to brand you like the cow you are.

I am going to insert rusty needles beneath your fingernails.

I am going to feed you crude oil.

I am going to get you to inhale gas, and then force you to suck fire.

I will drive a hot metal spike through your vagina/penis.

And I will ram a red-hot poker up your ass.

I will capture all your loved ones. And I am going to torture them, one by one, in front of you.

I'll treat them like animals. I'll get animals to rape them.

I'll let some of their body parts to rot. And then I'll cut them off and cook it, and serve it to a starving you.

I'll kill them all in front of you. I'll get you to kill them.

I'll crucify them for your sins.

And now, sleep.