Friday, August 27, 2010

Wake the Dead

I believe that everything that happens to us - whether we deem it good or bad - is necessary in order for us to awaken.

Our only role in this world is to awaken. I thought I was already awake, but recent events showed me an even clearer picture of things. I appreciate that.

Once you have grasped that, you can then accept it, and be at peace. If you choose to.

Me? I'm just me, baby. I'm still a kid from a swamp. I follow ideals and philosophies detailed in comic books, which are my Holy Scriptures.

I refuse to conform to stupidity and stupid things people do. I don't look good. I am never cool. It is not my goal in life to gain respect or attention from everyone. Or anyone.

I have been accused of so many things, but they all don't know me. They see one thing and thinks that that defines me. Hahaha. Three blind men and an elephant.

Nobody knows what my motivations are but me. No one understands my game, what the stakes are. I run a lonely race with myself. My greatest challenger is myself. I can't explain it to anyone. No one will ever understand. They have all proven to be incapable of understanding anything.

Oh well. Not my problem.

See you on the other side.