Sunday, August 29, 2010

Idiotic Fallacy

I was having a conversation with someone last night, which stretched to a few hours. It was one of those useful conversations. A great one.

Me: I don't understand why people are so threatened when I say, "I live and die by The Truth".

She: Ah, that's because, for idiots, when anyone talks, 99% of the time, they think it's about them.

Me: But, no, it's about me.

She: No no no. When you say, "I only tell The Truth" or "I believe in telling The Truth" their egos shrink and all they think about is, "Oh shit! He is accusing me of being a two-faced liar. And I AM a liar! Oh no!"

Me: Well, that's stupid.

She: What do you expect? We are surrounded by idiots.

Me: Oh well. Then they must have really hated it when I said, "I believe that all belief systems, no matter how stupid or idiotic, suits the person believing it. My belief systems recognises that all belief systems are right. For that person. Therefore, my belief system is RIGHT, and others are WRONG!"

She: They only hear, "My belief system is stupid and idiotic."

Me: I was being sarcastic. To myself.

She: Yes, but they would all think that you think their belief systems are stupid and idiotic.

Me: Well... I do think ALL their belief systems ARE stupid and idiotic.

She: Hahahaha.

Me: I know, right? I mean, it's like, what the fuck? Ayat seribu rupiah. You say the incantations, and a thousand rupiahs will materialise out of thin air in front of you? I mean, there is quantum physics and superstring theory, there's The Secret, and then there's pure bullshit.

She: Like I said. We are surrounded by idiots.

Me: We should leave.

She: We should.

Me: They're closing up anyway. No more business.

She: Nope. It's all over now.