Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ultimate Merde: The Brown Man's Burden

White people came here more than 500 years ago and colonised us. It was like, 'white man's burden' and shit. Gold, gospel, glory and shit.

Funnily enough, the poem White Man's Burden by Rudyard Kipling was first published in 1899. The people who came here before that needed no moral justification. They came (a lot), they saw, and they kongkeked (a lot).

I blame no current generation of the white people for colonialisation, as much as I don't blame any current generation of the Japanese for the Second World War. Given the same circumstances and a spirit of Malaysia Boleh, we could have gone and conquered Europe 500 years ago.

Imagine that.

English people watching Liga M. Speaking Bahasa Malaysia. Wondering why their great people are so stupid and hung up over breeding, when there are many other things to do and accomplish.

The 1995 film White Man's Burden shows this world, where the middle and upper class are all blacks, and the whites all live in ghettos, grind under the heels of social discrimination.

At the end of everything, it is all about money. Religion, civic responsibility are all just something to make history a little easier to swallow. Like washing your dick properly and sprinkling some sugar on it so the girl can suck it like a lollipop.

Religion's highest officials, their biggest users, know that it's all bullshit. All the wars, murder, rape. Everything that religion ever stood for - all religions - have been twisted so as to keep the minds of man in bondage.

So we obsess ourselves with meaningless rituals, fruitless debate over who fucked whom, when and where, while the essence of charity and goodwill is lost forever under the questions of fashion and eating habits.

I find the white man's colonisation of these here lands as less sinister than the cultivation and subjugation of human faith and belief, which happens all over the world, in all forms of religion.

Essentially, all religions and traditions tell of the same stories, and of the same lessons.

One day, something or someone created the world. It could have been Science. It could have been Atheismo. Who knows? Who cares? Do we get points if we get it right? Has God ever been described as a petty, jealous being?

There was once a great flood. Or a great disaster. Ice age, or ice age melting, anyone?

The lessons are simple. Be excellent to each other. And party on, dudes! Do good stuff. Don't do bad stuff. How to differentiate them? The kingdom of God is within you. Masjidil Haram is the temple of God that exists not within stone or mortar, but within ourselves. Hinduism talks of Atman - the indwelling God. Buddhists talk of the Buddha nature within us all. We know what is good and what is bad. And each of us vote as to where the line is.

One thousand and five hundred years ago, it was okay to marry a 9 year old. Now, it's not. In most places. That's humanity's vote right there.

All religions talk of the same shit. The religions all claim to be a manual for life. How to be. But the people have turned religion just as a question of lifestyle. Of how to do. Fashion and food. Dark magic. Rituals. Instead of the core, we obsess with the bullshit fringes of religion. Afraid to look at it in the eye and listen to what it's saying.

Oh well. I am not here to moralise you idiots. I don't believe in morals, because morals change, over time. I simply share what I see, which is a big, fat joke. Haha. I get it. I am the face of the Malaysian Dream. You're looking at it. And as the world goes nuts, I'll laugh at the comedy of it all.