Thursday, August 19, 2010

Barbarian at the Gates

I am a Barbarian. And I am at the Gates of Hell!

Barbarian at the Gates!

You believe that pitchforks can keep me at bay? Over the years, I have cultivated and experienced all types of pain, barring none. What can you threaten me with? What am I to be afraid of?

Death? I have never feared Death.

My greatest enemy is boredom. The only thing that can stand in my way is myself. For I am Greatest Under Heaven.

Send me your mightiest. Send me your champions. I will curse them and watch them flail about in pain.


I crave a demon who could match my malice. An archangel who can match my spirit.

And these little creatures come at me, with farming tools? Am I merely the earth beneath their feet?

My shiver will make any earthquake tremble.

With a slash from my sword, your world will end. I raise it to the sky and the heavens itself is burst.

Call me the Bringer of Rain. The Hellraiser. The Devourer of Worlds.

I am Destruction. Remember that.