Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mou Ham Ah, Leng Chai

During one Ramadan day, I was not fasting.

So anyway, I was on my way to join some friends for breaking fast. As I waited for a cab, there was this primary school bastard who, upon seeing me, took out his bottle of Coke and started chugging in front of me.

So I took out my pack of cigarettes and started smoking like crazy. Then I popped a mint in my mouth.

The kid's jaw dropped to the floor.

Kid: Are you Malai-?

Me: Hai lor. Ngo hai Malai-gwai.

Kid: You tak puasa ke?

Me: Tak.

Kid: Apa pasal?

Me: I got period lah!

He laughed.

Kid: But you man what!

Me: Ya, but I sunat mahrs. Malay-gwai semua ada period mahrs!

Kid: Woh! Like that ah?

Me: Like dat la. Also, you have period from the ass.

Kid: Why?

Me: Cause you eat chicken (I pointed at his KFC lunchbox). You eat too many chicken, your asshole start bleeding lorhs. Got period lah!

Then my cab came. I got in and had a ball of a time.