Friday, August 20, 2010


In the comic book Powers, Detective Christian Walker used to be a superhero, a 'power', who goes by the name 'Diamond'.

He lost his powers and became a cop investigating powers-related deaths.

Walker has an aversion, a suspicion about the media.

He was offered an interview by the show 'The Powers That Be' and - in one of the most intense moments of comics history. Damn you Brian Michael Bendis! - almost punched the host, screaming, "So you could do to me what you did to THEM?"

Walker blames the media for the deaths of his friends Retro Girl (based on Janis Joplin) and Zora (killed by Boogie Girl of the Fugees superhero analogue FG-3).

See, in FG-3's case, the group was created using the media, and for the media. Hence, the media created an unstable team that later caused Zora's death.

In Retro Girl's case, the heavy media coverage resulted in stalkers, one of which eventually killed her.

In a world where superheroes are rock stars and celebrities, the media will eventually kill them. Either spiritually, emotionally - or killing their identity or sense of self - or even physically.

Sometimes, I do feel like the leftover member of a band that could have made it big.

As the sole remaining member, I can only say this:

So you can do to me what you did to THEM? I don't think so.