Sunday, August 22, 2010


After assimilating with the most evil creature in existence - ME - I find solace in the fact that there exists balance in the force.

I spent the whole day, with my new evilness, bitching with an old friend. Then I bitched some more with a family member.

And then I bitched with some strangers. And then with someone I know recently.

After that, I went home and spent two hours bitching to a friend over the phone.

If I can surmise my day, it would be that it was bitchin'.

With my evil in place, I don't feel any guilt at all. In fact, I am now using both negative and positive energies to do shit.

I'm doing a concept for a science fiction show. Drawing from both my Atman - the in-dwelling God - and the devil in me, I can stay awake until it is finished.

Meanwhile, some things are moving within the shadows. I am comfortable with that. I am relaxed.

I sense a huge assload of karma coming this way. Good stuff. And all I have to do, is be ready for it when it comes.

I went crazy yesterday because my whole life turned into a series of waiting for shit to happen. It was the second waiting cycle, to see if I've learned anything from the previous one.

You know, the waiting period physically decreases, when you are patient. It really does. I don't know why. It just works.

And I am thankful for all the help that came in. I am really touched, when some people offer their help, without expecting anything in return. Or using it to fuel their own craziness. I know who you guys are, and I will never, ever forget it.

Looking back, there were a few who were ready to extend their hands, when I most needed it. Some were waiting in the sidelines, ready to jump in.

I appreciate it.

My only responsibility is making sure that I don't fuck up. I am not a fuck up. I have never run away from The Truth. Distorted lies and schemes from idiots, yes, but never The Truth.

I understand and see things only I can. It is nice to see that idiots will never find true happiness. And that some people, ARE true Malaysian heroes.

I'm sorry, but I'm no hero. I'm a Demon Lord, maybe. Or a Supervillain. An Evil Genius. Whatever. Muahahahahhaha. The Most Arrogant Man in Sports Entertainment.

One thing is for sure. I am Destruction. Remember that.