Friday, August 27, 2010

Doing the Impossible

One wiseguy once wrote, "If you want to do the impossible, then do nothing, because nothing is impossible."

Well, I just spent the whole night doing nothing. I was playing a game. A computer game. I got shit to do, but last night, it was just me, two bottles of mineral water, two packs of cigarettes, some snacks and necromancing Lorekeep.

I have a calculator with me at all times, as I try and figure out whether an attack is worth it. For example, my Skeleton Archers have an attack of 9 each. I had 3,000. That's 27,000, if the target is within range.

Say I'm fighting 25 Titans, each with a high defense number, plus modifiers and whatnot. Can I kill the stack before it deals any damage to my undead army?

Chain Lightning doesn't pack a punch against Titans and Air Elementals. So I use Fireball or Meteor Shower. Again, modifiers, area affected, etc come into play.

I think I killed over 10,000 creatures last night. Now that was good.

The biggest stack was 680 Obsidian Gargoyles. Which is surprisingly and deceptively easy. The secret is timing and positioning. SOme spells that are not so sexy such as Slow really worked in my favour.

I use ranged attackers, and then units that either can't be counterattacked, or has a probability for the attack to miss (spectral attribute), and then units that has high HP, so if there is a counter, there would be no damage. Last are the idiots - the ones who are not so great but will take a lot of damage and die.

After a while, everything became instinctive and I turned the calculator off.

Playing these games help take my mind off certain things. I might have some announcements soon, or maybe not. I don't know. I do know that Skeleton Archers kick ass. Hahaha.