Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Superheroes Anonymous: Superpowers

When I was a superhero, one of my skills is the ability to change myself to whatever is needed at the moment.

On a surface level, I can become whatever and whoever is needed by the person or situation. Like a chameleon.

Well, it is useful in business and presentations. But the price is you start losing touch with who and what you are.

For example, I am the greatest. All those who try to do anything bad to me has paid very hefty prices. Not because of me, but taking me on is a sign of chronic stupidity. They all suffered. And hopefully they remember the price of crossing me.

I don't go for bad intentions. Not anymore. So going against me is extremely stupid. I will not fuck your shit up. YOU will fuck your shit up. Attack yourself. You sabotaged your own self. Don't tell me when the shit hits the fan. I can smell it yesterday. Last week, even.

Anyway, I now only use my superpowers for my own good. Fuck all of you. I will have my funds, my money, my financial freedom, so I can save the world.

I won't change one iota for asshole losers like you.