Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rota Fortuna

We all live in cycles. Every seven years, our entire body is replaced.

The rain and the seasons follow a cycle. Night and day. Tides, of blood and of water.

In Hinduism, there are large cycles called 'yugas'. They span many thousands of years, but to an immortal observer, patterns would arise.

In traditional Chinese beliefs and their version of Buddhism under Kuan Yin (Avalokitesvara), there is the cycle of reincarnation, which happens until the soul achieves enlightenment.

In our lives, cycles exist. Birth, death, blablabla.

And also, our mistakes. If we didn't kill our opponent, they will rise and kill us. Or maybe not. Hahaha.

We are doomed to repeat the same mistakes until we learn the lesson the situations are there for.

The lessons I have learned so far are:

1. My instincts are always, 100% right. I maybe wrong, in fact I was wrong many times before. But my instincts are my best and accurate tools.

2. I am not responsible for anything else other than my actions.

3. I live and I die by The Truth. Freedom comes from The Truth. I can't get along with liars. I killed them all. Or watched them suffer.

4. Nothing lasts forever. Everything changes, nothing is truly lost (omnia mutantur, nihil inherit)

5. Thailand is Heaven.

Failing to learn from our or our predecessor's mistakes means we will repeat the lesson. Again and again, until we get it.

So if you find yourself having a bad case of de ja vu, remember to trust your instincts. Close your eyes and leap.

And destroy everything. Leave nothing standing.