Friday, August 27, 2010

Managing Darkness

All of us would go through some dark and terrible ordeals. And it is only we who deem it as dark and terrible ordeals. To other observers, it is something else.

What I have discovered, when encountering evil, or just plain old egotistical pettiness, is to first understand what the hell is going on.

No justifications, no excuses, no rationalisations. Just find out and understand exactly what is happening. Keep judgments and opinions out of everything, and just appreciate the facts.

After having all the facts, instead of resisting our own judgments and opinions, allow yourself to judge, have its opinion, feel the emotion and thoughts and whatever else that comes with it.

Feel everything. Think everything. Allow yourself to be in the experience. Do not resist it.

And then, finally, accept the facts, and accept all the judgments, thoughts and emotions that come with it.

There are things that can be done, and then there are things that can't. Consider that and accept it as well.

Resistance is suffering. Acceptance is freedom.

In the end, there is no good or evil. There is just is.