Saturday, August 21, 2010

Blackberry Fiction: Devil's Own

I walk up to the cage slowly. I dragged my feet. I put him there, many years ago, but I didn't expect the isolated cave to now boom into a town.

"Well, lookit here," he said, wearing my face. "Is it World's End yet? Cause if it is, then my senses must have dulled over the years."

"Long time no see." My throat is parched. I need a drink of water.

"Of course it's been a long time. You put me here, you know."

"I was wrong."

"Wow, that's new. You wanted to be a goody little two-shoes, right? You wanted to do the right thing. And now... Now you're not sure?"

"There is no good or evil."

"Wise words... From someone who locked his evil away and threw away the key. You locked me up, remember? All the pain and malice. All that evil. So you could go off and save everyone. How's that working for ya?"

"I... See now my mistake. You're part of me. The worst part, maybe. The most dangerous one. I... Come with an offer. Of peace. Appeasement."

He paces within his cell.

"You wouldn't mind... Being a demon again? I can take control again. And what about your guilt? Can you live with it?"

"Guilt is for Christians," I said, unlocking the gates that over the years have grown iron horns and... Of all things, claws.

He swings his arms about.

"I see you've rounded up the rest," he said. His eyes burned into mine.

I grinned for the first time.

"Yep. You're the last piece. Let us be whole again. We ride tonight."


"Anywhere we want to be."

I brought my mount - he needed none - and soon after, he was flying alongside me, shrieking to the wind.

"You know I'll want revenge," he said, over the din.

I nodded.

"You were the Vengeance of the Lord. I expect that. In fact, I'm counting on it."

And so we ride to the next town, trailing fire and brimstone, and the occasional dead body.