Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Final Curtain

I am typing this on my netbook in a pub in Bangsar, watching a repeat of the Spain-Portugal game, while waiting for the Grand Final between Spain and Holland.

I like watching Cristiano Ronaldo lose. The only way I will ever support Portugal is if Jose Mourinho ever manages them.

Am quite full at the moment. Ate two dishes, in preparation for a game I might not watch. I use the Internet here, cause the Internet at my apartment is busted. Busted because I cut the line. Fuck Maxis Broadband, man.

If I get bored enough, I might just leave. Two hours to go before the match. I would much prefer to watch it at home, on my computer. In fact, I have never watched a full match, this World Cup. Not on TV. Just online. Too much of a hassle.

I am happy with the fact that some of the favourites got eliminated early on. Especially France, Italy and Brazil.

Fuck Brazil, man. They've won enough World Cups. They even stole the trophy.

I love it when a nobody team like Greece takes the top honours. The balance must be preserved.

On a more personal note, I have found my balance. It took a catastrophic lie and the most dangerous foe I have ever encountered - myself - to get me to a state where I don't give a shit. Again.

Big doors of opportunities are always open. We shall see what I make of things in the next few months or years.

For now, another pint of Shoggoth's Old Peculiar for me, please?