Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Should Anyone Worry About the Ocean?

You know what used to depress me?

Every little thing, like stupid people. Evil people. Little people. Petty people. Dishonest people. Sneaky little bastards. That kind of shit.

My first reaction to all this was to destroy them. If I see stupid, evil people, my first reaction is to destroy them.

Nowadays, I understand that it is a never-ending task. It is much easier to accept them and their stupidity, and their evilness, and their lying, sneaky ways.

Because those things get you nowhere. Not for me, not for any one of them.

I read somewhere about a man who tried to stop a tsunami. He wasn't a superhero. He wasn't a scientist. Just a normal man who fussed about, trying to stop a tsunami.

At the end of that futile exercise, he stopped fussing when he asked himself the question - Why should anyone worry about the ocean?

Not as in, we should pollute our oceans, but as in the context of one man, would worrying about the ocean make the ocean less-polluted? Would worrying about the tsunami prevent the tsunami from happening?

WOrrying, especially about such things, is egotistical. It's not even logical.

Why should anyone worry about the ocean - that has become my mantra. And I am experiencing peace at last after almost nine months of worrying.