Saturday, January 29, 2011

House of M: Anarchy

I believe that the people should have a say in what news is more visible and accessible. I believe that the public should be allowed to become their own publishers, and that technology and policies should be utilised and implemented in such a way as to allow the people - each member of the public - the ability to determine what news matters to them.

Because I believe that news is simply what people want to read. If people do not want to read them, then it is not news.

I also believe that news agencies should make money from all this. Caretakers of The Truth should be given funding.

Furthermore, everyone who says anything publicly on various media should be accountable for what they themselves say, with generous leeway of course.

That being said, sanctions such as those seen in Singapore, China and the like can be abused by those in power to snuff out dissenting voices. If I have learned anything about dissenting voices is that it is necessary.

You can't have everyone agreeing with you - that would be boring.

The flow should be free.

However, even the most stalwart of guardians for freedom of speech blow a fuse whenever people say anything counter to what they believe in. Or something they do not like.

Oh well.

I just want a nuclear bomb to explode right here, so we can all end this bullshit.