Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Air Up There

The Matrix trilogy of movies are, in the end, talking about spirituality and programming sharing a view of cycles and their importance.

Neo was not the first Chosen One, and neither is he the last. Quite probably, he was there to take the system to another level, and get reincarnated again.

This is true in system development as well as stated in Hinduism, Buddhism, Judeo-Christian lore, pagan myths and other things.

The clearest and simplest example is the phoenix metaphor. The phoenix burns itself and leaves an egg, which hatches into a new phoenix. And thus the bird was - is - immortal.

As a coder (semi-retired) and a person intrigued by spirituality, the concept seemed good, but the movies were a mighty letdown.

I do this, with video games. SimCity series, Civilisations, whatever. I build, and then destroy. And then, taking my experience from previous builds and developments, I start anew.

I believe that whatever I have experienced in my life, be it egotistical longing, wanton destruction or bliss, is important for me to be here, in this state, having the insight that I do have.

I believe my experiences are important, only to me. I believe in encouraging others to experience things for themselves. I have learned that telling people what will happen is never enough. If you are wrong, their egos kick in and they go into an endless spiral on proving who is better, and who is right.

If you are right, they will hate you for it.

Therefore, a laissez faire approach, a democratic, anarchic model is the best way to go.

I am grateful that I am me. Not the egoic me. Not the me who has achieved this much and this little in life.

Not the me who was happy or sad at any point.

I am grateful that I am me, the me who understands, the one who sits and listens to myself and the world around me. The me who does not judge as compared to the me who does.

Later in my life, it would be good to find a quiter, calmer place. For now, I understand that the quietest, calmest place I can ever find is within myself.

I guess, after eight years ago failing to publish a book, and talking about it all this time, it is perhaps the right moment I roll up my sleeves and try again.