Thursday, January 27, 2011

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I woke up at 6.30am today. Going to interview someone at 9am, so I am preparing myself.

Since last week, I have been having a recurring dream.

I was sick. Feverish. So I was in a hospital where everyone wore white or grey.

Everyone was sick. Then, these women came in. They looked like airbrushed models from the pages of magazines, except they are a bit livelier.

The alpha female was a tall woman in a wine-coloured dress.

One of the girls fell down and went beneath my bed. I slipped down - still feverish - and spoke with her.

Then, I was wheeled into a room which looked like a classroom, and doctors fussed over me.

Soon, they brought out a grid on a wheeled chalkboard. On the grid were pictures of the girls I saw just now. Apparently, I can opt to choose to have sex with one of them.

I chose the alpha female, whose name was 'Kal', which reminds me of Superman.

The nurses and attendants bundled me up in a carpet and put me in the back seat of a small compact car, where I waited for Kal.

I remember thinking, "God, how do I fuck in such a small car? And how can I perform, when I have a fever?" Somebody moved the car.

Suddenly, it was morning and there was a parade.

One of the attractions, which I saw through the window, smelling the musty carpet smell, was U-Wei Hj Shaari, hoisting his twin, with cerebral palsy, on top of a platform, on top of a chingay pole.

I remember white kaftan dresses, and yellow flowers. And coconuts.

And then I woke up.

This is one of the strangest dreams I have ever had. Stranger than that time when I dreamed of meeting the Devil, and he looked exactly like a famous actor in Pi Mai Pi Mai Tang Tu. I woke up from that one with a face cold as ice.