Sunday, January 9, 2011

Advantage Amir

So I went home and spent a few hours working. Then, Lucifer came out.

Lucifer: You...

Me: Yes?

Lucifer: It was wide open.

Me: Yes.

Lucifer: Using your knowhow of mental manipulation and the secrets of the ego, you...

Me: Yes?

Lucifer: ARRRGGH! WHY?

Me: It would not be an honourable thing to do.

Lucifer: But... you know HOW!

Me: My knowledge is for spiritual growth, for myself as well as the species. If I were to misuse it, it would not be... nice.

Lucifer: Nice? NICE?!

Me: Get over it. Chances of it succeeding would only be 76%. I came out, retaining my honour and my integrity. With full knowledge that I did not abuse my powers.

Lucifer: But...BUT!

Me: Look, Lou, I know when I have done the right thing.

And I leave Lucifer playing my Clash of Kingdoms MMORPG, while I go and sleep an undisturbed sleep.