Friday, January 28, 2011

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep: Tripping the Light Fantastic

I just wone up from a weird dream. Again.

I dreamed I was at a function. I was drunk or something, and had loudly asked to use Rob Middleton's computer.

He said yes, so I hacked into it using a printer socket. I was playing with the display resizing thingy which his computer had, when I realised that I had broken it, somehow.

Rob was distraught, closed my printer port connection and got one of my friends from school to take a look at it.

I rushed over to their table to say sorry, didn't mean to do that, and Rob made it worse by saying he is okay and would not ask me to pay for the computer, which has now turned into an iPad.

My friend from school, this guy never had any computer knowledge, so I insisted to be the one to test the damn machine.

Seems that visuals don't display very well on it. So I suggested taking an ATI Radeon graphics card, saw it in half, and jamming it in.

"Goddamn Apple," I said, before finding myself in an old dorm, surrounded by old school friends suiting up for an old boys match.

"Are we playing football, or rugby?" I asked, afraid of what to wear.

Turned out to be football, and as I was wondering what the hell I was doing in the middle of the field, playing football and executing bicycle kicks, I woke up.

I keep having these bizarre dreams, but I am recognising their patterns.

Tonight's dream was about guilt and awkwardness. I did not belong at any of the situations and felt guilty about that. Cause I was talking about that to three different girls about it before going to sleep.

Last night, with the parade and go go girls in a hospital, was just pure bullshit.