Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tales from the Hangover Side: Anatomy of a Lie

I don't like lying to people. Because it shows your condescension, how low you think of their intelligence. It is pure disrespect.

Granted, most people are very stupid. But that is never any reason.

The thing about lying is that, eventually, the Truth will come out. And where will you be then?

People who lied to me, usually of their own sense of insecurity and need to show that they are smarter by achieving that very special and hard task of fooling me - something that is achieved every day with some liquid crystal displays, really - all have found themselves to be on the end of a very complex piece of vengeance.

I was very vindictive, before I went all New Age and stuff, and unfortunately, some things which I set in motion years and years ago will finally come to its final revolution and reveal its final scheme.

I look at my work, and sometimes, I shake my head. I am, indeed, Amir Hafizi the Great and Terrible.

The funny thing about vengeance is that when you achieve it, you may have outgrown it. You don't care anymore. It is only the ego playing tit-for-tat.

Sometimes, I even forgot why I bothered in the first place. But a few things, when started, can never be taken back.

So for that, for the recipients of the 2011 vengeance trophies, I am sorry. Or maybe not.