Thursday, January 6, 2011


I was thumbing through The Malay Mail, when I read Rocky's piece - his latest column on Thursday. He was talking about mainstream media news portals vs online-based news portals as well as acusations hurled at some people and parties.

Read it here.

These media trends affect my livelihood, so I am naturally intrigued.

Alexa Ranking of Malaysian websites today, Jan 6 around 5.50pm

1. Facebook
2. Google (
3. Google (
4. Yahoo!
6. YouTube - Broadcast yourself
7. Wikipedia
8. Windows Live
9., A Complete One-stop Financial Portal
10. Twitter
13. MSN
14. Lowyat.NET
15. Cari Malaysia
16. The Star Online
19. MediaFire
20. Free one-click file hosting!

In the top 10, not a single news portal in sight. The lone Malaysian website is Maybank2u. - Malaysian free classifieds website, is number 11. - tech site with a very buzzing forum - is number 14. On the next rung, is Cari Malaysia, which houses a search engine and the very popular forums.

The Star Online heads news portals at number 16. Malaysiakini is at number 17. AFter that, comes all the rest, in other pages.

Utusan Online is number 22. myMetro is 25th. Berita Harian is 29th. is 37th. Kosmo is 41st. The Malaysian Insider is number 57.

Next, we have Malaysia Today (87), Paul Tan (91). I couldn't find the rest.

Infer what you must. I need to go fart in the other room.


Upon finishing farting, I discovered that is racked 218th by Alexa.