Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tales from the Drunk Side: Original Prankster

I am the Trickster. But, have I ever lied to any of you? Did I not do whatever I set out to do?

I am grateful that I have always been able to do whatever I want.

I wanted to do movies and BAM! second biggest and another, perhaps biggest movie production in the country's history. I'm not ashamed to be proud to be part of that team.

I wanted to write a book and BAM! A book.

ANything I could ever want.

Now, I want to reap millions of dollars from international IP. Or do something that could redefine journalism, globally, forever. FOREVER.

If you have to dream, dream big. I am not a creature of Desire. I belong to Dream. As Gaiman as my Lawd and Saviour, I bear witness to the mercy and the blessings of the LAWD! The LAWD!

I am a gamblin', ramblin' man. But after all is said and done, I will spend my days helping people.

I'm no superhero. I know that. But I will sure as hell do my best. And you know what? You haven't even seen my best.


Hera give me strength! And Ganesha give me poetry.