Monday, January 25, 2010

Zero: Rant

I am angry and tired. Angry because there are no cigarettes, and tired because there are no nictine from said cigarettes.

I have zero energy left. I was planning to do some work tonight, but I think a full 12 hour sleep is needed.

So I spent around an hour, goofing on Naruto fans. I hate Naruto fans. If you're a Naruto fan, I hate you. What are you gonna do? hand-seal me to death?

For the uninitiated (read: old), Naruto is a Japanese comic and animation. Naruto fans are your kids. I hate your kids.

I have been picking fights with Naruto fans since the last century, when Naruto was not even conceived yet. Back then, we used to fight over Stargate and Babylon V and Seaquest DSV.

Naruto is basically about ninjas. Ninjas do hand seals, and big stupid frogs come out. Or some lame magic trick.

Here. Let me give you a seal-no-jutsu:

Tiger-Monkey-Rooster-FUCK YOU!

I hate Naruto as much as I hate Bleach. Naruto and Bleach are pennance sent by God to Earth.

I fucking hate ALL modern anime. None of them are as cool as the old ones were. All modern anime are done by studios, with the main directive of making profit.

There will be no more Hideaki Anno rebel whatever with Evangelion. No more Shiniciro Watanabe's Cowboy Bebop. No more Serial Experiment Lain. No more Kino's Journey.

Now it's all conveyor belt sushi. Anime has lost its soul.

After Bebop, I have retired from watching anime. With the exception of Kino's Journey.

This is it for me. Except for hentai, no more anime. I'm done, man.

I am also crossing the generation gap. I discovered that there are younger kids watching anime.

And they act as if they're the first ones to watch anime, and that Ghibli Studios are the only things worth watching. Reminds me of me, when I first saw Pon Poko and Nausicaa and Mononoke.

They claim that all of Hollywood steal from anime. ANything and everything good from Hollywood, is taken from anime. Well, not everything. Hollywood also steals from European cinema.

HK cinema steals Hollywood's effects. Bollywood steals storylines and plot. Even manga and anime draw from Hollywood.

And Malaysia, we draw from all these sources.

I hate Naruto fans. I even hate Ghibli fans. I hate all.

I'm tired. And I want to sleep.